Omri's yoga class is an Athletic Yoga class, fusing traditional yoga practice with endurance elements and deep core work.

Designed with people of all levels in mind, the class offers something for everyone: from people who have a hard time touching their toes, to handstanders. 

The flow evolves with the energy of the class, becoming increasingly challenging, and accompanied with break down of postures as well as live demoes and tutorials.

People often describe this class as challenging, empowering and inspiring. Since it open to all levels, everyone gets to explore both familiar postures as well as endurance sequences that are sure to make you sweat.

Omri is a well known Vinyasa teacher with experience teaching at Equinox, Laughing Lotus, and Chelsea Piers in New York City. Omri is also an advanced Bikram teacher who has competed nationally, and has led specialty workshops, international teaching engagements, and speaking engagements including guiding Meditations for Corporate Events. He is Also the CEO of Ometa, a Holistic Wellness Company that offers mindfulness services to corporate clients.

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