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Meditation is a way to train your attention and awareness. It’s a powerful skill that can be learned by repetition and a potential catalyst for transformation. It’s not about changing who you are; it’s about learning more about who you are, becoming aware, and gaining a healthy sense of perspective. People often think that meditation is about seeking change, and while it might be for some, for others it’s can be as simple as getting to know yourself better. We’re not looking to turn off thoughts or feelings, instead, we want to be being able to observe whatever goes through our minds and heart without judgment. 

You often hear about mindfulness meditation, which is about turning your attention and awareness towards being present and engaged in the present moment. As a skill, the ability to practice meditation improves over time and becomes a more versatile tool, applicable to all walks of life. As with anything, having a great teacher as a guide can be a tremendous help in overcoming the obstacles in learning how to meditate and become more mindful. 

Having a meditation program as part of your corporate wellness program is an important part of on-site wellness. Meditation is better together with other holistic wellness offerings such as yoga. Some days are easier to focus, in others, it’s harder. 
By being consistent with your effort, you are taking constant steps towards improving the communication between the mind, the heart, and the body. There are many challenges on this journey, and there are moments when you feel less confident about the work, but all experience shows that persistence pays off and meditation becomes a life long practice of improvement. It’s an effective answer to how to clear your mind in a way that promotes mindful speech and effective communication. 

Employees are especially appreciative of meditation because it can reduce stress levels, aid with sleep, and affect you positively both professionally and personally.  

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