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Yoga is an amazing way to develop both physical strength and flexibility, and become versed in mindfulness as you practice. Yoga has many styles, but in its essence yoga poses or yoga asanas are physical positions that have been demonstrated to be effective at reducing stress, tension, and promote health. Our yoga teachers are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge with you, to help your employees feel that they can develop their yoga skills in a safe environment. Each teacher brings their own skill set and techniques, allowing people to connect to the yoga and each other differently. Yoga poses come at different degrees of difficulty, what some might consider yoga for beginners is a simpler set of postures that are about finding the yoga benefits immediately. There are yoga exercises that help develop latent flexibility at any time, and have the potential to restore movement and help heal from injuries. 

 Yoga is a big part of corporate wellness programs because of its small footprint, the convenience of staying on your mat while you do it, and the adjustable difficulty level and length. We also offer online yoga workshops, in which employees can learn and practice at the privacy of their home or office. The yoga benefits start the minute you begin, and can last a lifetime.People sometimes ask about yoga near me, so convenience may be a big factor for people who want to take yoga. For that reason, corporate fitness classes have been a success for employees. Having on-site yoga as part of company well-being programs is gift for your employees, part of the formula that you offer to boost health and productivity. 

 While people practice yoga they may use terminology from Sanskrit, an ancient language that describe the postures. The words Om and Namaste are often used in chantings and greetings, and provide a richer immersion into the yoga history. Yoga can be practiced any time of day, a lot of people prefer morning yoga, others might practice before bedtime, and a simple definition of yoga that a lot of people can relate to is mindful movement. There is a lot of yoga information online, and we recommend checking on youtube for videos. 

 HR managers often ask how to design a corporate wellness program that actually works, and we are excited to present solutions that include a variety of mindfulness activities beyond yoga, providing a holistic experience for all employees on their yoga journey.

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